Cybersecurity Services in Power Sector

G-Team Domain Experts for 24×7 Incident Response

G-Team by GRIDsentry is the task force of seasoned Powergrid Cybersecurity  experts experienced in handling the stressful situation in a substation after a cyberattack. Their dedicated services are available 24×7 to the customers.


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Incident Response Services

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Incident Forensics

Key Features

  • Assistance in developing a customized Incident Response Plan (IRP) for the specific locations
  • Training of Internal Incidence Response Team (IRT) on the plan execution
  • Assitance to IRT in handling the immediate mitigation in case of an attack despite all security deployment
  • Forensic analysis of the archived network data to prevent subsequent occurrences
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Internal IRT training

Incident response

Post incident recovery

Incident data forensics

Why G-Team

Cyberattacks on Powergrid can lead to loss of not only property but also life, besides causing a severe disruption. Staying ahead of the attackers is a cat-and-mouse game. If a rare attacker outsmarts the deployment of all the precautionary security tools, immediate response needs domain experience and expertise in dealing with the stressful situation. This has to be followed by recovery and then forensics. The seasoned G-Team of GRIDsentry domain experts stands solidly behind you in dealing with such situations.