Substations play a pivotal role as part of the nation’s critical infrastructure. Securing grids and substations from cyber threats and attacks requires a collaborative effort from multiple stakeholders.

Electric Utilities need efficient and effective strategies for the cyber defense of substations. Implementing security controls that adhere to and comply with regulatory requirements helps enhance substation security and align with national cybersecurity missions to secure critical infrastructure. 

Substation audits and assessments on an on-going basis can provide timely insights. However, establishing, tracking, and monitoring multiple substation cybersecurity initiatives and ensuring regulatory compliance can be a daunting task.

Cybersecurity audits and assessments are critical to ensuring the efficacy of substation cybersecurity.

G-Audit provides a single pane of glass by collecting substation security information from disparate sources and presenting it to the users as a single source of truth. This allows multiple stakeholders to manage compliance requirements collaboratively.

G-Audit facilitates and automates the processes of assessing the vulnerabilities related to substation assets and the level of compliance of assets to industry standards.

G-Audit Operation


  • Increase frequency of risk assessments to address risks in a timely manner at all levels.
  • Continuously monitor security and compliance posture by gathering comprehensive substation risk information.
  • Customized alerts to inform appropriate team members when changes occur (e.g., score changes or security incidents).
  • Questionnaires can be sent to internal teams and vendors.
  • Prioritize remediation.
  • Ready-to-use security controls catalogs to evaluate substation cybersecurity.
  • Designed to minimize human intervention in assessment workflows.
  • Integrate/Import results from Vulnerability Assessments performed in the past. 

Standards & Compliance

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Who Can Use G-Audit

Who Can Use G-Audit

  • Grid Operators
  • Power Consulting Services
  • Utilities Companies
  • Maintenance and Service Providers
  • Government Agencies
  • Power Regulators
  • Power Plant Operators

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