A modern digital substation is made up of several hundred physical and logical components. The individual and collective configuration and behavior of these components can impact the overall operation of the substation and expose the substation to external and internal cyber risks.

The implementation of preventive and detection security controls requires real time security information regarding the configuration and behavior of all components.

Scanning is a process of collecting security information by systematic and controlled interactions with accessible or addressable components within the substation.

G-Discover is a versatile Software tool to examine, read, or monitor a variety of devices and events within a substation network. It is essentially a scanner that can be used for a range of applications including, looking at parts of a substation network to detect a feature or asset, traversing substation networks and segments to monitor events, or to collect information about substation components. 

G-Discover Operation

A typical scan-cycle consists of reading a scan-configuration-file, a self-check to identify conflicting or high-risk scan settings, initiating the scan, performing the scan, collecting responses, creating the output files (results and logs) and generating the report.

Scans can be triggered based on certain conditions, or by a human operator. The autorun mode is the default. G-Discover provides a variety of scanning options. The scope and other aspects of the scan be configured. The scope of a scan is based on the parameters of depth and coverage. Scan control parameters are available in the scan-configuration-file.

G-Discover executes a single scan-configuration-file per invocation. It can, however, execute multiple scans sequentially. Scans can be prioritized based on simple rules. The default order is sequential. The scan output includes results and log files. Scan reports are generated using scan output. Scan reports are based on pre-defined templates customized and personalized for the users. 


  • Automated exhaustive network assets list from Station bus to Process level
  • Automated network topology and device configuration identification
  • Real-time online monitoring for unauthorized assets addition to network
  • Support for third party integration
  • Ships as single-user and multi-user versions
  • Manage multiple scans using a single versatile tool.
  • Scan specific targets – components, interfaces, subnets.
  • Report templates to ensure controlled disclosure of scan information.

Who Can Use G-Discover

  • Power Plant Operators
  • Utility Firms
  • Power Consulting Firms
  • Government Agencies
  • Power Regulators
  • Maintenance and Service Providers
  • Grid Operators

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