Imagine a scenario where a digital substation experiences unusual network activity, indicating a potential cybersecurity threat and creating the need for a robust detection system.

GRIDsentry’s G-Detect is an advanced intrusion detection solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and is designed to conduct deep packet inspection of messages in real-time, thereby ensuring comprehensive analysis and heightened security measures.

G-Detect allows the system to promptly detect anomalies in message traffic, triggering real-time alerts to the cybersecurity team. Through confidential and detailed reports and dashboards generated by G-Detect, your team can quickly identify the intrusion and take immediate action to mitigate the threat, preventing any adverse impact on your substation’s operations.

What’s more, the system’s intrusion historian feature enables post-incident analysis, enabling you to refine security protocols and fortify the substation against future threats.

G-Detect Operation


  • High computational speed device with software to identify intruder
  • Accessibility to all layers of the network via network tap or port mirroring to detect anomalies
  • Packet capture by tapping the station bus of the substation
  • Protocol decoder for segregation of packets
  • Anomaly detection based on data-driven, statistical-driven, and model-driven AI/ML algorithms
  • UI/UX interface alarm system
  • Supports IEC 61850
  • Supports message communication via GOOSE, Sampled Value, and MMS
Who Can Use G-Audit

Who Can Use G-Detect

  • Grid Operators
  • Government Agencies
  • Power Regulators
  • Maintenance and Service Providers
  • Power Plant Operators
  • Power Consulting Firms
  • Utilities Companies

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