Security information management is vital for any cyber risk management program, serving as the backbone in preventing, detecting, and correcting cyber risks within OT and IT environments. 

Recognizing this need, the power grid cybersecurity experts at GRIDsentry developed G-Log, a comprehensive solution that facilitates the efficient and timely collection, segregation, aggregation, analysis, reporting, and retention of security information.

G-Log is a specialized security information management system designed for substations and electrical grid applications. It features a suite of tools and services that address the specific security information and log requirements of electrical substations. This solution is further enhanced by consulting services from GRIDsentry’s cybersecurity experts, ensuring the effective identification, mitigation, and monitoring of cyber risks within the grid infrastructure.

G-Log Operation


  • Standalone or integrated deployment with existing and new infrastructure within OT and IT environments
  • Customizable applications and scripts to support specific logging and security information
  • Management needs of grid owners and operators
  • Service APIs accessible through secure protocols
  • Data collection, aggregation, analyses, reporting and retention as per industry standards (e.g., NIST SP 800-171 Rev. 3)
  • Flexible data ingress/egress, processing, and retention pricing
Who Can Use G-Audit

Who Can Use G-Log

  • Grid Operators
  • Government Agencies
  • Power Regulators
  • Maintenance and Service Providers
  • Power Plant Operators
  • Power Consulting Firms
  • Utilities Companies

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